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  • Accurate Arrhythmia detection with the convenience of Cloud technology. 
  • Comprehensive Multi-Device solutions designed to meet the needs of Geriatric, Adult, Young Adult, Pediatric and Neonatal patients. 
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Welcome to the Revolutionary Era of AI and Cloud Computing in Tele-Cardiac Care

Heart disease, including arrhythmia, is the leading cause of death worldwide – but we’re working to make a SUBSTANTIAL difference. CardiacCloud AI is developing several technologies that enable early and accurate detection of multiple heart diseases including arrhythmia. CardiacCloud AI’s cloud platform, along with these enabling tools, provides better cardiac care, and equalizes global access to it. The platform’s integrated business management tools allow cardiac diagnostic centers to sign on and provide services in minutes. Our leading-edge technologies are built with the patient in mind – enhancing and ensuring compliance while providing an accurate analysis that can be accessed anywhere by the physician.  

Device Agnostic

There’s a wide range of devices and software technologies that vary in age and capability on the market. So, we built a solution that accommodates every category. CardiacCloud AI can easily integrate with any old, new, or future device, offering a seamless experience and a wide range of solutions that meet the varied needs of individual patients, physicians, hospitals and clinics.


Our state-of-the-art solution provides the full cardiac care experience on the cloud. CardiacCloud AI can remotely monitor devices and securely store gathered data, identifying each heart’s unique behavior. Our AI models are based on multi-faceted, multi-racial data. With tremendous amounts of multi-faceted, multi-racial data stored in the cloud, we can extract 45+ types of arrhythmias, enabling uninterrupted, life-saving care – all with the utmost privacy.


We envision a future where healthcare professionals can equalize global access to outstanding cardiac care. With all critical relationships already established and the best AI tools in place, CardiacCloud AI is the next generation of healthcare. The smartest minds in the industry paired with the complex processing power, speed, and reliability of AI can now detect exactly what cardiac event in happening, allowing you to claim space in this modern age of healthcare with confidence.

Heart Beats Recorded and Analyzed

Hours of Cardiac Monitoring

Learn How CardiacCloud AI is Enabling you to provide the Next Generation of Cardiac Care

Created for Leading Diagnostic Testing Facilities (IDTFs)

Use devices from multiple vendors, Manage workflows, track devices, and analyze data from thousands of patients with ease – all from our one-of-a-kind platform.

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Device Makers

Integrate your device(s) with a leading edge AI-powered cloud platform, and provide a “comprehensive globally, scalable solution” to your customers.

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Address the needs of your staff, especially the physicians and provide an exceptional patient-centered experience with near real-time event reporting, streamlined processes, and information accuracy.

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Meet Our Team

Sreeram Pydah


Dr. Nelson Mangione

CMO (Chief Medical Officer)

Tim Lange

Head of Sales

Jigar Shah

Product Manager

Andrew Arroyo

Technology Advisor

Sridhar Rayudu

Manager, Software Development

Subhorup Dasgupta

General Manager, Operations

Created for Leading Diagnostic Testing Facilities

Transform your facility’s efficiency and productivity with CardiacCloud AI’s unified integration of devices and technologies. CardiacCloud AI is a device agnostic and easy-to-setup solution, so you can tie together all of your operations in minutes without a single hiccup.

  • Easily enroll patients and start cardiac monitoring processes in minutes
  • Quickly bill patients from our convenient billing interface
  • Implement your most complex, involved business workflows with ease
  • Analyze data from thousands of globally distributed patients in real-time
  • Integrate, monitor, and track all types of devices, seamlessly
  • Manage your full business operations from a single application

“Thank you so much for your kind words, Jane. We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience with us — and we agree. We look forward to working with you again in the future!”

Created for All Device Makers

Experience the benefits of a comprehensive, cutting-edge software to complement all your devices. With CardiacCloud AI, you can craft and launch your device while we worry about scaling and servicing. Let’s work together to save lives.

  • Easily integrate all devices 
  • Efficiently track device utilization and failure rates 
  • Enhance the user experience for diagnostic centers, physicians, hospitals, clinics and patients alike 
  • Effortlessly and dynamically scale to support your business growth  
  • Launch your product quickly and efficiently with a comprehensive software solution 

“Thanks to CardiacCloud AI, we now have access to software that easily integrates with any device! This enables us to serve the needs of all types of patients, physicians, hospitals and IDTFs, allowing us to not only stay in business, but compete with the larger device manufacturers.”

Created for Hospitals and Clinics

Achieve world-class, customizable care for all with a thorough, timely, and accurate diagnosis and securely stored data. With CardiacCloud AI you can interpret reports, manage patient records, and track devices, all on one platform. Focus on your patients – we’ll take care of the rest.

  • Easily enroll patients and start cardiac monitoring processes in minutes 
  • Quickly bill patients from our convenient billing interface 
  • A complete productivity and efficiency-boosting solution to enhance the overall patient and physician experience 
  • Manage all your devices and patients in a single, convenient location 
  • Access thousands of accurate patient studies in near real-time 
  • A unified cloud-based platform that integrates with all EMRs 

“CardiacCloud AI is revolutionary in putting the patient first. The near real-time event reporting and easy data capturing and storage is convenient and completely secure! With the help of CardiacCloud AI, we’re starting to see early and accurate detection of over 45 types of arrythmia, allowing us to distribute life-saving care to those who need it. It truly is the next generation of healthcare.”

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